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Over the years Ray Stinnett's musical works have have been given birth by these renowned record labels.

                  Introducing Ray's AxeCut Indy Label

 Self published singer/songwriter Ray Stinnett best known for his work as guitarist and co-creator of Wooly Bully (MGM) (featured in full metal jacket) and later as featured artist/writer for an A&M album titled "A Fire Somewhere" from 1972 when ownership was transferred to Ray. In 2012 Light in the Attic Records licensed and released the LP and CD which has been well received by fans and reviewers worldwide. Subsequent tracks were licensed for use in the Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle. Many of the songs are suitable for multi-media themes and the music is performed and produced with professionalism and expressionism. Ray has composed and written lyrics to well over a hundred songs with contributions from his wife, partner and band mate, Sandra. Ray and Sandra are graduates of film scoring genius Ron Jones, "Emotif online University" having gained considerable insight into the use of thematic music in film and TV. Recently Ray has begun laying down tracks in his digital/analog studio with the intent to make available for licensing many yet to be released songs. Ray's own record label, AxeCut Records put out it's first release in 2014. "Sun Tree @ Pepper West" 1969, previously unreleased epic album recorded in Memphis. In time this music library may contain many more tracks but our goal is not quantity but rather unique quality works that could be great for your projects. Feel free to browse and select the songs you need to your project folder...AxeManMusic License Library Page

Recently we have added our catalog to an industry active  Santa Monica based company of professionals working with music creators and the music needs of the visual media industry. Therefore we have included our catalog into their system which is both  curated and also available for instant licensing and download. You may access our current catalog playlist at these two playlist links. one for each of our two current album releases, more will be available in time.... playlist:  Axeman's Golden Treasures 1969  playlist:  Axeman's Golden Treasures 1972

"Leave No Trace" A 2018 movie with great Sundance reviews - Light in the Attic licensed Ray's "Honeysuckle Song" for inclusion in a scene in the movie

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