AxeGrinder MusicZine temporarly off line 

Sorry but the link to our AxeGrinder MusicZine will not work because we have  technical issues currently beyond our control.

Check back but in the meantime we have a new publication called "AxeManMusic Score" it will have all the latest happenings and more.

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Hello Fellow Soul Travelers 

Hello Fellow Soul Travelers

Welcome to our website and music community portal.  The photos that you see on the home page are of Ray and Sandra , I’m Ray AKA the Axeman and that’s Sandra my partner/wife & soul-mate for life. Sandra and I have been together since before the “Wooly Bully” days with Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. If you have purchased a physical copy (CD or Vinyl) of my “A Fire Somewhere” album (Light in the Attic Records 2012) then perhaps you have read about much of my life’s related…

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New Website...New Opportunity 

Just a short note about my recient struggle with the fact that my long time web site hosting company skipped town and left me hanging with no website and no answers so after about a month I have decided to take advantage of the situation and have a great time creating a better website with a better host.

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