Axeman's album sees light after 40 years Fri, Apr 27, 2012 ¬†Axeman's historical album licensed to Light in the Attic Records Axeman's album sees light after 40 years Los Angeles California 2012: As we move into the last year of the Mayan calendar, circumstances have led to the forming of a licensing agreement between Ray Stinnett and Light in the Attic Records, a Seattle based company that has also taken up residency in LA. Ray has licensed the masters he recorded fourty years ago for release as a double album titled "A Fire Somewhere" on A&M records in 1972. The record never was released and Stinnett was given ownership of the masters by A&M.” - MediaNett

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2012 wrap up By Ray Stinnett Mon, Dec 31, 2012 Shindig Magazine issue 30 containes a nice feature article about me and my 1971 album that was just released for the first time by Light in the Attic Records in Oct. 2012.2012 wrap up What with the Rolling Stones on the cover and me inside with some of my fellow rock voyagers, It feels right good to be between the covers.LOL¬† ” - Grahame Bent

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WFMU Michael Shelly Radio Show featuring an interview with Ray Stinnett.” - Michael Shelley

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