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In the 21st century you don't have to leave town or even your home to tour the world. Many entertainers and those dedicated fans that really enjoy their music and media rich lifestyles, find life in the now via social media and web sharing technologies. Add real people who love our music to the mix and we've got a fan base community. Sharing and subscribing will get you personal response and attention  from me, the record artist. Together we have a special relationship...hopefully one of mutual satisfaction in giving each other what the other wants and needs...Now that's a real relationship...better than just going to the record store...tho we love all our fans.


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We would love to have you as our very special fans...all fans are loved but special fans support our music with enthusiasm and funding. We would love to be able to fulfill all the potential music and video projects that we dream of but finances and encouragement are the key 


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