Sun Tree @ Pepper West

Ray Stinnett

Original Never Before Released Album recorded in 1969 at an underground Memphis studio. The Soulful and Psychedelic performances of "Sun Tree" in HQ audio from the original masters.

Ray Stinnett: Sun Tree @ Pepper West

Presenting a rare Time Warp journey to a place and time of major social change and the evolution of consciousness. "Memphis 1969, the days of civil liberties and personal liberation. Now all of the influences of the 60's were at their peak and the music I had been composing for two years was ripe and ready for recording. That's what Booker T. said when he heard me perform some of my songs and arrangements when I was jamming with some other musician friends." Ray Stinnett in his own words: "I grew up in Memphis in the heart of Rock-N-Roll, I was surrounded by Rock-A-Billy, Country, Delta Blues, Soul, Pop, Jazz and all emerging Memphis music in general. During my chart topping (Wooly Bully) days of the mid 60's I shared the stage with the best National and International players. Broad musical influences began to color my creative style. Songwriting and recording is my passion. I have worked with Memphis best studio mentors including the legendary Booker T. Jones who produced these two albums with me as featured singer/songwriter artist.

TimeWarp Treasures from the Vault of the AxeMan:

In 2012 Light In The Attic Records released Ray's album, "A Fire Somewhere" recorded in 1971 for A&M Records but never before released. It was a major icebreaker and well received by reissue fans as well as those who were excited to hear this music for the first time.

Now! Another never before released album : Ray's underground sessions of 1969 "Sun Tree @ Pepper West" Currently in 2014 AxeCut Records and AxeManMusic Publishing present this unique musical treasure recorded in Memphis 1969. Ray Stinnett's Sun Tree & Pepper West is an epic event that has never before been released or shared with the public until now. A family of friends effort that only happens once in a lifetime, featuring the artistry of Ray Stinnett as singer, songwriter, guitarist but is also rich with the contributions of all the players and singers including Sandra Stinnett, Priscilla Coolidge, Brenda Patterson and Booker T. Jones, Jerry Patterson, Mike Plunk, and Bruce Smith.

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