Hello Fellow Soul Travelers

Hello Fellow Soul Travelers

Welcome to our website and music community portal.  The photos that you see on the home page are of Ray and Sandra , I’m Ray AKA the Axeman and that’s Sandra my partner/wife & soul-mate for life. Sandra and I have been together since before the “Wooly Bully” days with Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. If you have purchased a physical copy (CD or Vinyl) of my “A Fire Somewhere” album (Light in the Attic Records 2012) then perhaps you have read about much of my life’s related musical history in the great little book that’s part of the package. If not, but you’re interested, well then purchase one and get a little background into what I’m talking about. I want to personally invite you to explore my Website and find the connections to our musical world that we can share together. Please give us your email & sign up for our periodical publication “AxeManMusic Score” your participation is the fuel that will drive this music machine onward and upward as we cruise through joyous and perilous times. Feel free to participate and Share with your friends.

This is personal, but I want to share with my fans, friends and associates past present and future. I find myself sharing a lot with my face book friends but have not been posting much personal information via this website or using the blog…that is about to change.  Sandra and I have traversed many hills and valleys in this life. We have experienced things that many don't have a clue about. That aside, in the heart of the matter, we are just like everybody else and love and respect all humans that tread the middle path. Sandra has always loved my music and supported my musical projects contributing to inspiration, song writing, and session vocals in the earlier days of my solo career endeavors. In the subsequent years she has also taken up the keyboard and had musical training at Santa Monica College. Sandra and I have had five children (all musically talented) and for years family responsibilities have been the main priority. Things have evolved over the years but our music has always been nurtured and kept alive and well like a cat in a cage waiting for the day it will be set free. I have learned to develop a simple philosophy by which to live my life. Never give up…never give in…but you got to bend like a reed in th wind. This life seems to be composed mostly of compromise….that is what’s so cool about the middle path…like it or not compromise is usually the best or only way forward. I have had a lifetime of experience to study that point. After our children were grown Sandra and I bought a little California craftsman adobe house built in 1938 near the shores of Lake Elsinore and I proceeded to convert the attached garage to a sound studio that has digital and analog audio with video and streaming capabilities. It was my intent to publish and release my music on my own label and distribute through CD Baby. I owned several album masters one of which I produced for A&M Records 1971, but it was not released until Light in the Attic Records put it out in 2012. I was stoked with this development and ready to rock-n-roll again. I had been slowly building up for this moment and was happily at the starting gate ready to run. The record was becoming popular, had good sales, being well received and generating many good reviews and articles. 

That’s when my alternative lifetime companion; "domestic compromise", made another appearance. At the time my eldest Son was living with us recovering from being hit by a car and my elderly Mother was still with us in her late 90’s and by 2012 was beginning to need regular daily care from me. Much as I love my Mother this came as no surprise but It was very disappointing that I could not fully pursue my personal musical dreams that were unfolding at that time.  In early 2014 Sandra and I did get to play the Mint in LA (photo above)  prior to this my Son had became well enough to hit the road and continue his life inflicted with alcoholism. He died in the summer of 2014. It was sad and devastating to us, especially Sandra who gave him birth. I had to continue being a caregiver to my Mom during the four years until she passed in 2016. During that time I concentrated on improving my studio and establishing a broader base of social network interaction. I began to release other tracks on my own AxeCut Records label. I have been involved in internet social interaction since it’s inception in 1992 and have longed for the time when everyone could be interconnected. That time is now and that has become my main focus for the deployment and sharing of music and information. It took most of 2016 to get back on track but some things just didn’t gel and the loss of our Son and all the time devoted to domestic necessity still played heavily on us. Sandra was especially not doing very well and her health was suffering. 2017 did not start out the way we would have liked and there were far too many negatives at play for her to cope. On April 28, 2017 Sandra had a devastating stroke and at the time of this writing it has been three months and she is currently in a long term care facility. I visit and work with her almost every day but I look forward to the time when she can return home and I can be her caregiver and continue to share life with her working and praying for her continued healing. Sandra loved the music and we wanted to share our visions and inspiration for humanity with our fans and friends around the world. That said I can tell you she has always been an inspiration to me and I want to share even more because of her. I may still be somewhat like a cat in a cage but this cage has a studio and a window to the world and I am going to use it to connect with you…perhaps you need to connect with me. You can start by simply giving your email address and let nature take its course. On Mothers day while Sandra was still in ICU I was inspired to released the song "Satisfied" which she and I recorded in 1982. you can listen to it in the player below and share it on FB you can also purchase downloads and find it on streaming sites worldwide.  

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